13+ Best Free Tree PowerPoint Background Nature, Christmas 2019

Nowadays, there are assorted kinds of tree beautifying the earth out there. Those trees are also able to embellish presentations that are about to amaze audiences through lovely tree PowerPoint background. Lovely here doesn’t mean that all tree themed PowerPoint templates are too cute, so businessmen cannot use them for the company presentation. Below are few ideas about PowerPoint templates with tree background for different occasions.

Cartoon PowerPoint Template

This first one is indeed a cute plant PowerPoint template. This simple template with soft yellow and white background color with presentation title positioned on top right corner is compatible with both PowerPoint 2010 and 2007. In master slide, the cute tree picture is positioned on left side. The tree has brown tree trunk, beautiful blue leaves, and colorful birds perching on its twigs. This one is perfect for presentation about family tree and genealogy.

Cartoon Network Powerpoint Template

Cartoon Network Powerpoint Template – Download

Cartoon Powerpoint Template

Cartoon Powerpoint Template – Download

Cartoons For Powerpoint Presentations Free

Cartoons For Powerpoint Presentations Free – Download

Nature Themed PowerPoint Template with Cactus

Cactus is an amazingly strong plant which has tiny leaves but is capable to live in deserts. This cactus themed template has dark color on right side where the presentation title is positioned. The cactus picture itself is positioned on left side with clear blue background. After the master slide the other slides will come with cactus picture on top and other positions.

Ppt Presentation Nature Life

Ppt Presentation Nature Life – Download

Presentation On Nature Of Beauty

Presentation On Nature Of Beauty – Download

Save Nature Ppt Presentation

Save Nature Ppt Presentation – Download

Nature Themed Powerpoint Template With Cactus

Nature Themed Powerpoint Template With Cactus – Download

Money Tree PowerPoint Template for Financial Businessmen

For businessmen in financial field, simple PowerPoint template with a tree of coins picture on right side and presentation title on bottom left corner will be the best. There’s nothing better than this template with tree PowerPoint background to explain the growth of money bills. This template is available for free for those who are going to make presentations about finance and money.

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Financial Accounting Ppt Free Download

Financial Accounting Ppt Free Download – Download

Money Tree Powerpoint Template

Money Tree Powerpoint Template – Download

Tree Powerpoint Background

Tree Powerpoint Background – Download

Green and Red PowerPoint Template with Christmas Tree and Gifts

Green background, a Christmas tree on right side, and colorful gifts under the tree create perfect combination for upcoming Christmas presentation. This tree PowerPoint background has ice icons that make it perfect for Christmas season. Presentation title must be placed on top with light color.

Animated Christmas Powerpoint Templates Free Download

Animated Christmas Powerpoint Templates Free Download – Download

Christmas Powerpoint Presentation Templates

Christmas Powerpoint Presentation Templates – Download

Free Christmas Powerpoint Templates

Free Christmas Powerpoint Templates – Download

Some trees come with fruits while the others have beautiful colors. So do the PowerPoint templates with tree theme offered by myriad sites on the internet. If green colored tree PowerPoint template is just too boring, some tree themed templates have unique colors like pink which is inspired by Sakura. White tree PowerPoint background inspired by winter is another aspiring choice.