12+ Free Simple Powerpoint Template : Professional, Modern, Minimalist

PowerPoint evolves from simple to complex tool. Microsoft enhances its capability and feature to fulfill everything that users want. Simple powerpoint template is vast topic to explore, but you will see interesting things about it.

Two ways for creating attractive presentation are template and your own design. For beginners, Microsoft provides basic template in new PowerPoint version. Some people argue that it is not enough. For such propose, the next sections will present some reliable and recommended templates for you.

Company profile template

The most common way for using PowerPoint is company profile presentation. Today, many companies rely on video, but PowerPoint is still the best and strongest tool for this goal. In this template, you will see slides for company logo, photo, business core, board of director, etc. Basically, everything about company will be shown in this template.

To suit your preference, the template is easy to modify, but still preserve the basic design, including animation and features.

Simple Powerpoint Template

Simple Powerpoint Template – Download

Professional Profile Presentation Ppt

Professional Profile Presentation Ppt – Download

Company Introduction Ppt Presentation

Company Introduction Ppt Presentation – Download

Business presentation template

The oldest utilization of PowerPoint is business presentation. People use it during meeting to give information about marketing, sales, project, and anything related to presentation section. The template helps to save time and you only add the contents.

In Business Templates Powerpoint, the slides are arranged in proper order from beginning until conclusion. It shows that you are organized person. Moreover, simple powerpoint template does not have many unnecessary attributes.

Simple Powerpoint Presentation Topics

Simple Powerpoint Presentation Topics – Download

Business Powerpoint Presentation Templates

Business Powerpoint Presentation Templates – Download

Simple Powerpoint Templates White Background

Simple Powerpoint Templates White Background – Download

Education Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Education Powerpoint Presentation Slides – Download

Education and class course template

Second most common for PowerPoint utilization is education or class course. Teacher or lecturer moves from old method to modern one during class session. Instead of writing or drawing, it is easier to show education content through slide by slide.

That is the main purpose of education and class course template. The slides consist of instruction, main course, and closing. You can replicate the main slide to fit your own subject. Several simple PowerPoint template designs will help to adjust various lessons for teacher and student.

Education Powerpoint Template

Education Powerpoint Template – Download

Online Education Ppt Presentation Download

Online Education Ppt Presentation Download – Download

Watercolor and abstract background template

General PowerPoint is very practical for many purposes. You can create campaign about environment or many topics via this tool. For such purpose, watercolor and abstract background template becomes good choice.

This template contains simple background in each slide. You can see the text and graphic vividly due to the contrast mode between contents and their background.

Simple Ppt Templates For Project Presentation

Simple Ppt Templates For Project Presentation – Download

Powerpoint Presentation Models Free Download

Powerpoint Presentation Models Free Download – Download

Free Simple Powerpoint Template

Free Simple Powerpoint Template – Download

Every template for PowerPoint starts from simple design. Good thing about simple powerpoint template is easy to modify, even for beginners. The main goal is people know your message and understand it. Simple design reduces unnecessary thing and stay to the point.